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Lawrenceville Youth Associate Black Knights Basketball

Lawrenceville Youth Association Black Knights Basketball


Below are the answers to common questions.

How long is the season?

When are the games/practices?

Teams will typically have an average of 2 practices per week prior to the start of the season. After the season begins, teams will usually have one practice per week.  Note that this is dependent upon the availability of the facilities, the number of teams in each league, school closings, etc.  Also note that the High School age groups will have fewer practices and play more games than the other age groups.

How Are Teams Selected?

Teams are to be selected in such a manner as to allow for the most equal division of athletic ability in order to assure that no team acquires the majority of the better players while another is left wanting for the better athlete. Selection of teams is to be determined by the respective League Director and the Team Coaches in the following manner:

  1. The Board of Directors shall determine the number of teams they will have based upon the number of registered participants. The normal number of players per team is seven. The number of players on a team can be changed with the approval of the league director and the coach of that specific team.
  2. Upon determination of the number of teams, players shall be placed on teams according to athletic ability as perceived by the League director and the team Coaches.
    • Example: If there are to be five teams, five columns shall be made and numbered one through five. The five best players are to be assigned first by placing one on each of the five teams. The second round of the draft is to select the next best players and work backwards. Player six is placed on team five, player seven is placed on team four, etc. The third round of the draft is to select the weakest players in the draft. Team One should receive the weakest player, Team Two the next weakest, etc. The next rounds of the draft are conducted like the first two rounds. Round four of the draft, Team One gets the best remaining player, round five, Team Five gets the best player. Repeat these steps on the final rounds until all players have been assigned to a team. (Please note, you should mark each coaches son with a “C” on their draft card.)
  3. Once all players have been assigned to a team and all Coaches and the League Directors agree each team is as equal as possible ability-wise, then the Team Coaches shall draw to determine the team they shall have. This is done by the numbers one through five (or whatever total number of teams there is in the league) being written on paper and allowing the Team Coaches to choose his or her team by random drawing.
  4. If the Coach has a child playing and said child is not on the team the Coach has selected, the League Director shall exchange players to place the Coaches’ child on his or her team. This is done by swapping the Coaches’ child for the child shown on the corresponding round of the team drawn by the Coach. If the Coaches child is part of rounds 1, 2, or 3, then all of those players must be exchanged, not just the Coaches’ son. Any other exchange of players shall be approved by the League Director and shall only be done by moving players laterally.
  5. Any other lateral changes involving the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd round draftees will result result in both the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd round draftees being swapped. In other words, draft positions 1, 2, and 3 will be “frozen” so that all three players will remain on the same team in the event a player-exchange is required. This rule will prohibit a 1st round 1st position player from being placed on the same team as a 2nd round 1st position player.
  6. Any player allowed to sign up after the draft will be assigned to a team by the Director. (Directors, if you do not know the ability of the child that has signed up after the draft, please consult other Directors or coaches. Many late signing players have changed the balance of an entire league.)

Can my child play in a higher age group?

Any Parent who requests their child play in an age group that is Greater than the players age group, (play up), must have a coach’s signature agreeing to have the child on his/her team. This must be presented to the league director or a board member for approval prior tryouts . Only one player may play up per team.

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